The Oil and Gas Consulting Company

Mia Downing

Mia Downing, Vice President of Regulatory
Vice President of Regulatory
Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 728-3003 ext. 1202

Mia began her Martindale career in 2006 after earning a B.B.A. in Management from Oklahoma Christian University. After developing expertise in numerous types of audits and special projects, Mia now concentrates her expertise on all types of revenue-related projects, in which she has developed innovative and advanced analytical techniques to help our clients.

Expertise and Focus Areas:

  • Managing revenue projects
  • Royalty audits
  • Gas plant operations, volumes, and costs
  • Gas balancing analysis and calculations
  • Net profits audits
  • Trust audits
  • Leading and managing joint interest expenditure audits
  • Onshore and offshore experience
  • Negotiating claims resolutions

Mia has served as the COPAS - Oklahoma City Society Revenue Committee Co-Chair and is currently the Secretary on the Board of Directors.